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Bootstrap 3 Forms Tutorial

Forms are essential for web applications, one can see them while logging in an application, editing a profile or registering for an account. Bootstrap greatly simplifies form styling by providing special style classes and providing automatic styling of form controls. To learn how to style forms and form controls we’ll discuss a registration form shown below.

The code for this form as well as live demo could be seen on Bootsnipp. First things first, let’s review a basic form template.

A form is placed in a .container for proper formatting. Then, in line 3 an HTML form tag is seen with a class .form-horizontal and a role form. The former is used to produce a form with labels, such as “Password” in the above image, that are on the same line as inputs, the latter is to describe meaning of the element, for example, an anchor tag can be styled to look like a button, in this case a role attribute tells that the anchor is used for playing a button’s role. After that, in line three and seven the…