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AngularJS Tutorial: Developing AngularJS Applications using VS Code

How to develop AngularJS applications on your local computer
In the previous installment of this series, we talked about how to create a "Hello, World" AngularJS application using Plunker, which is itself written using Angular. While using Plunker may be good for quick prototyping and showing your achievements to others, you’ll be more productive by developing your code on your local computer.
First, you can rely on an editor or IDE, which may offer syntax highlighting, code autocomplete and various analyzers to check the quality of your code; all this staff reduces the number of errors and allows you to explore the framework. Second, when working on a big code base as part of a team, code organization is key, so that you can easily find the code you worked previously as well as new team members can faster learn you code if it’s neatly organized.
Third, as it was previously mentioned, your code should be processed before going into production, e.g. minified, and you can rely on…

AngularJS Tutorial: Creating AngularJS Hello World application using Plunker

What is AngularJS
AngularJS is a front-end framework written in JavaScript and initially released in 2010. It is suitable for creating the so-called single-page application whereby you create parts for every application use case and some parts are displayed and some are not at any moment of time depending on the state of the application. AngularJS is based on declarative programming which implies describing what you would like to achieve rather than describing the algorithms of achieving the final go as in imperative programming.
For example, one can use conditionals and loops to implement an algorithm, but another option is to describe a set of desired results like in SQL, where one doesn’t need to know how the server works and executes queries. In the front end realm, imperative programming is represented by jQuery a part of which is used by AngularJS under the hood.
The main idea of AngularJS is it uses a thin server, which produces only data for an Angular application, but not HTML.…